29 May 2016 Description. 2 Base Muta is a build that gets you fast Muta to harass and defend against drops, while also securing a third base easily and 


A few Zealots are often added and used to plug the wall into the Zerg base. A Stalker may be added as well to chase away Overlords, although Sentries can accomplish this same task. Mid Game Compositions. In the mid-game, the best Starcraft 2 Protoss army compositions and unit combinations will change significantly from the early game.

This build opens with an economic 2 base Muta opener, and uses a 7:20 Overlord scout coupled with the initial Mutalisk harass to determine  19 Dec 2015 In contrast, in Legacy of the Void, there isn't any outright “best The transition from two base Mutalisk to Roach and Ravager in the mid game  Sign up for my Free Starcraft 2 Mini-Course where I reveal my best strategies not seen anywhere on this site! Starcraft 2 3 Base Mutalisk (Econ Muta)  17 Sep 2017 GSL Super Tournament #2 and WCS World Finals @ Blizzcon is an outline of what this change does alone in our current version of LotV. In this game, GuMiho has remained on 2 bases, has lost very little so far, and&nb Some Protoss builds are now countering this style and there are 'ling/muta styles as well Spawning Tool LOTV Builds; Other Helpful Resources. Versus T: 2 base Crazy Zerg build, substituting mid-game mutas or lurkers for a bunc This is the result of rushing 2 base warp prism in every game (doesn't work pvp are doing very bad in their match ups vs Z and T since LOTV was released so when the enemy would scout it he would rush 2 base muta and shut it do Here is a build for a 1 base roach push at about 6 minutes. StarCraft II: In a Protoss vs Zerg match, what should be the best Protoss speedling/banelings ( ZvZ); speedling/baneling/roach (ZvT mass marines); speedling/baneling/muta TvZ One Base Battlecruiser Guide Standard starcraft 2 zerg build order 2 Friday, May 20, 2011. Sc2 Build guides Starcraft 2 Build Orders Terran v Protoss: 1/1/1 Sky Terran TvP This is a fairly unusual build which is I guess standa Spawning Tool organizes StarCraft 2 build orders, guides, and replays.

Lotv 2 base muta

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Furniture 1v1 League Distribution Over Time. League distribution over time. Seasons are marked by the colored sections of the x-axis. Mouse over on points to see date, season and league distribution for that point. 2 1 10: 2 500 000 z ł: 9: 50 000 zł: 300 000 zł: 8: 1 520 zł: 10 000 Пока всё, в следующих статьях расскажу как играть за зергов в StarCraft 2 используя другие билды.

Starcraft 2: LOTV. février 11, 2016 mars 23, Le 3 bases à 4′ devient un standard au moins en TvT/TvZ et pousse à préçiser les en bon boucliers Muta;

PvZ Medium over 6 years ago by cosmi. 1. PvT Easy almost 7 5:30 2 oracles - 1 zealot/stalker Cheese. PvT Medium about 7 years ago by cacaxlol.


Lotv 2 base muta

  LotV Early-Ravager-Push [ZvT & ZvP] Hier geht es darum relativ früh auf Ravager (6-8) zu setzen und damit beim Gegner schaden zu machen. In der Zwischenzeit wird zu Hause hochgedrohnt und das Follow-UP vorbereitet. Supply   ZvT 2 Base Muta. ZvT Medium about 7 years ago by tRio. Life's 3 base 5 hatch 11 min timing. ZvT Hard about 7 years ago by TnekKralc. 8 Pool.

There's plenty of 2 base muta builds out there if you go hunting. Muta/Ling/Bane is a mid-game and late-game strategy that involves using Mutalisks to harass and contain Terran while you take additional bases and build up a large army consisting of Mutalisks, Zerglings, and Banelings. This army is good because it is extremely mobile and each part of the army covers the weaknesses of the rest of the army. * @3rd base miminum saturation build a spore in mineral line * (6:30min mark or @3 base full saturation) x2 more gases (5th, 6th), Macro hatch (macro hatch could be taken whenever you float around 1k minerals and you lack the larvae to spend your money) * after +1/+1 finishes start +2/+2 * 8 mutalisks * start ovi speed upgrade ---- Like the content? Then consider to leave a thumbs up and subscribe! ;)If you wish to support me please consider supporting my patreon: https://www.patreon.co Players on the ladder may rush to Mutalisks on one or two bases, but aside from ZvZ matches, this generally is a bad idea when going against top players.
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Lotv 2 base muta

Don't attack the Terran but don't let him take bases. It's hard for him to establish a base but once established hard to break.

Protoss) ZvT 2 Base Muta. ZvT Medium about 7 years ago by tRio.
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Replay: http://sc2replaystats.com/replay/6097208Build: https://lotv.spawningtool.com/build/66228/Thank you all for watching ♥Watch me LIVE on Twitch @ http:/ 2 base muta means his ground army will be very weak and he will not yet have baneling speed. What I have often also found is that when my opp goes 2 base muta, his mutas hit when my first two medevacs are about 50% of the way to his base. I've had a ton of success in LotV ZvT by opening with 2 base muta, cutting drones at ~55, and focusing on ling bane aggression and denying Terran expansions.

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Mutas have always been trashed in LOTV. The simple fact that the larvas got -25% nerf has made them not really viable like they were in HOTS. You can’t simply go lings/bane/mutas without dying on an attack. Look at the last Ragnarok vs Maru, he made spire, and don’t have enough to hold the ground, instant gg.

Option B) If they are being greedy, the good old' hellbat timing push is amazing because they are usually preparing against banshees/liberators. Now his 6 mutas coming to my base and I have some hydra and some spores, I had 4 hydralisks and like 2 spores at main, got like 8 drones mining nat and like almost saturation at main. His 6 mutas come and kill all 4 of my hydras and queen with only 1 muta dying then he proceeds to rape my expo, made another 3 hydras which died too to the same That said, the main goal should then be to get your medevacs unloaded in his base. 2 base muta means his ground army will be very weak and he will not yet have baneling speed. What I have often also found is that when my opp goes 2 base muta, his mutas hit when my first two medevacs are about 50% of the way to his base.